How to Reconnect With an Abandoned Goal | 4 Questions to Ask Yourself

goal setting Feb 16, 2022

“Reconnect with your why” is one of the most frequent suggestions when discussing how to get back on track with a goal.⁣ 

But what people don’t often share is what that actually means. ⁣


So if you feel your motivation waning and you want to reconnect with your purpose for setting a particular goal, here are four questions to ask yourself. 

1. In what ways does this goal align with my core values? How does this goal support me in becoming the person I want to be?

2. If I accomplished this goal, how would my life change? Would my day-to-day look different?

3. In what ways does this goal call upon my strengths as a person?

4. What will my life look like in 1 year (or 5 years, or 10 years) if I don't accomplish this goal?


Keep in mind, when asking yourself these questions, you may discover that you actually don't feel connected to your goal anymore. In that case, you may choose to reconfigure the goal, or decide to give it up all together. 

Either way, considering the expected impact of the goal, as well as the ways in which it reflects (or doesn't reflect) our individual values and strengths can bring us clarity on whether and how to move forward from a place of personal power and alignment.


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