Hi, I'm Amanda Hilton — Welcome to The Simply Well

As a personal development educator, I help you take the guesswork out of personal growth so that you can prioritize inner + outer wellbeing in day-to-day life.  

Qualifications + Education

I don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all solution to inner or outer well-being, which is why I’ve dedicated years to understanding "wellness" from multiple angles. Here’s what that looks like:

➡ I hold a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology and a certification from the Spirituality Mind-Body Institute at Columbia University, as well as Bachelor’s Degrees in Education and Psychology.

➡ I’m a licensed teacher, meaning I have years of training in understanding both how people learn and how to design effective curriculum. The result is that all of my programs are based on a framework rooted in educational science, allowing you to understand and apply concepts in a way that feels natural.

➡ As a reiki practitioner and Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200), I have experience helping others integrate numerous aspects of the self — physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual.

Additional Qualifications: Pathways to Empower™ Resilience Training Facilitator, Certified Children's Yoga Teacher, Wellness Workshop Facilitator (for additional information about the types of workshops and sessions I've facilitated for other organizations, check out my Speaking + Workshops page).

A little about how I got here...

I began my own wellness journey in 2013 after, like most people, finding somewhere along the line of “growing up” that I didn’t know who I was or what I valued. I was out of sync with my body and dramatically out of touch with I wanted out of life. It was from this place of insecurity and uncertainty that Personal Development, which would later become a central tenant of The Simply Well’s mission, was born into my life.

To be clear, I didn’t find a one-size-fits-all solution to well-being, and "working on myself" didn't automatically resolve my listlessness. But, I did find that the small, positive, intentional things I practiced on a daily or weekly basis rippled outward into other areas of my life. I learned that I could work with my mind to create newer (more helpful!) thinking patterns, and I realized that I could strengthen my self awareness, establish habits to augment my subjective well-being, and design a network of goals to bring me closer to purpose and fulfillment.

I also shifted my lens outwards, and experienced a series of personal and professional changes. For example, it was around this time that I discovered plant-based philosophy, and adopted a vegan diet and lifestyle to dramatically lower my carbon footprint and remove myself from the cycle of injustice and harm occurring throughout the animal agriculture industry. I learned how to become a mindful consumer, and growth towards sustainability became part of my life. In addition, I was studying to become a teacher, and the time I spent integrating into the communities in which I was teaching reminded me of the importance of belonging— forming meaningful relationships and contributing with love and generosity to one's community. As a result, Community Care, which eventually grew into The Simply Well’s second core tenet, became an essential piece in the puzzle of my own well-being.

Since then, I have continued to explore wellness from a variety of experiential, academic, and professional angles— Becoming a certified yoga instructor and reiki practitioner, as well as completing my Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from Columbia University with a certification in Spirituality Mind-Body Studies. In 2019, I merged my interests in Personal Development and Community Care to form The Simply Well—exploring the intersections between Personal Development (growing in the ways that are meaningful to you) and Community Care (supporting the earth and your local and global neighbors) — to make your life and the world just a little bit better.

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