Welcome to The Simply Well.


Here at The Simply Well, two integral and complementary aspects of well-being act as our guiding lights: Personal Development, the lifelong practice of growing and tending to one’s inner world, and Community Care, the process of supporting one's neighbors (both locally and globally) and the earth, while building meaningful relationships.

The Simply Well is also a mindset: A mindset of those who prioritize inner and outer wellness as a crucial step in achieving their goals, caring for their families and communities, and experiencing happiness + fulfillment. Those with a simply well mindset know that wellness doesn't have to be complex or indulgent. They realize that simple + consistent action in the direction of health and well-being is more than enough.

It is everything.


Personal Development

Personal Development is a lifelong process of growth and evolution.

Personal Development occurs naturally throughout life— but at TSW we also believe that Personal Development can be intentional, and that it is absolutely essential to lasting well-being.

Personal Development looks different for everyone and shifts depending on the season of one’s life. In general, we see Personal Development as the goals + activities that help you attain new skills, discover and fulfill your unique passions, deepen your relationship to yourself, and live a more fulfilling life. Basically, Personal Development tends to your well-being as a whole person.

Here at TSW, we curate research, share educational materials, and design programming based on our four Personal Development cornerstones: psychological science, habit change, holistic well-being, and intuition.

Community Care

Community Care is a vital, but sometimes overlooked, aspect of well-being. At TSW, we firmly believe in the interconnectedness of all, and in the importance of treating our communities and the planet with intention and care. We are passionate about helping you build an ecosystem of well-being in your relationships with your family + friends, with your community, and with the Earth. After all, we don’t exist in a vacuum— and wellness doesn’t either!

As we continue to grow, TSW plans to incorporate an increasing number of Community Care initiatives into our work and collaborate with other organizations that align with our Community Care mission. If you work for a Nonprofit, or are doing important work in the field of Community Care and would like to partner with us please reach out!