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Our Signature Membership

State of Self Membership

A yearly membership for self-growth enthusiasts seeking guidance, support, and practical strategies to anchor personal development in their lives and routines.

Includes 12 self-paced courses to enrich your self development, a vibrant Community Forum, monthly Q&As, downloadable tools, and seasonal challenges to keep you committed to the process!

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Courses + Trainings

The Art of Non-Toxic Productivity Masterclass

An online masterclass to reclaim your relationship with productivity‚ÄĒ exploring how to maximize efficiency, tap into flow, embrace guilt-free rest, and design a life filled with purpose. Say goodbye to toxic hustle mentalities and hello to a more balanced, fulfilling way of achieving your dreams.

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Habit Mastery Course

Habit Mastery is the transformational guide you need to conquer your habits, take charge of your life, and design the future you desire. Inside, you'll gain access to expert insights, science-backed strategies, and the personalized Habit Building Blueprint ‚Äď your secret to habit success.

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The 3 Fundamental Truths of Happiness Mini-Training

A 20-minute training to unlock the keys to lasting happiness. Discover why our desires often mislead us, why happiness can feel be fleeting, and most importantly, the actionable strategies to cultivate and sustain genuine happiness.

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Other Digital Offerings

Jumpstart Joy: 7-Day Challenge

7 days to rewire your brain for greater joy and optimism. Each day, you'll receive 1-2 engaging Positive-Psychology exercises designed to ignite lasting happiness, as well as a comprehensive workbook to serve as your compass on this transformational path.

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Beyond the Block eBook

Your companion on the journey to reclaim your momentum and break free from the chains of inertia. Includes detailed description of the 7 most common roadblocks impeding your progress,
23 actionable strategies to conquer these barriers to growth, and 85+ journaling prompts to reignite your inner drive

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Life Planner Bundle

A 16-page printable planner to organize your life. Includes daily and weekly planners, project organizer, meal planner, sleep tracker, reading journal, goal and habit trackers + more! Print as many copies as needed.

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