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Amanda Hilton, M.A., RYT is a wellness researcher, practitioner, and educator, with a passion for uncovering what makes people well.

Amanda has an academic background in psychology and teaching, with a Master’s Degree from Columbia University’s Spirituality Mind-Body Institute. She is a registered yoga instructor, a Reiki practitioner, and a certified Pathways to Empower™ resilience training facilitator.

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Are You a "Procrastiplanner?"

3 Things You Need for Sustainable Personal Development

How to Reconnect With an Abandoned Goal | 4 Questions to Ask Yourself

State of Self Membership

A yearly membership for self-growth enthusiasts seeking guidance, support, and practical strategies to anchor personal development in their lives and routines. Includes 12 self-paced courses to enrich your self development, a vibrant Community Forum, monthly Q&As, downloadable tools, and seasonal challenges to keep you committed to the process!

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The Art of Non-Toxic Productivity Masterclass

Reclaim your relationship with productivity— explore how to tap into flow, recommended tools and resources, and tips for maintaining healthy perspectives around productivity and rest, so that you can get more done without burn out or toxic “hustle culture.”

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Habit Mastery Course

The transformational guide you need to conquer your habits, take charge of your life, and design the future you desire. Inside, you'll gain access to expert insights, science-backed strategies, and the Habit Building Blueprint – your secret to habit success!

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