*COHR Goals (pronounced "core") is our proprietary Goal-Setting Framework to skyrocket your personal goal success

Your roadmap to

  • Setting value-based goals aligned with your personal definition of success

  • Managing systems for reliable follow-through and consistent motivation

  • Achieving your wildest goals with a clear step-by-step process that works for you

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But let me guess...

  • You set goals — and forget them — faster than you can keep track of. You feel like you’re stuck in a cycle of wanting to achieve something, but not having the “know-how” or consistency to truly follow through. 

  • You feel “stuck” and can’t pinpoint why. You just want to gain a little momentum towards your ambitions and wish you could wave a magic wand and know exactly what your next step should be. 

  • You’re multi-passionate but struggling to balance it all. Even though you love having so many different passions, interests, and projects, you find your attention spread too thin to actually make progress in the areas you care about.

  • You’re a “self-development enthusiast” who is ready to put what you’ve learned into practice. You’re tired of endlessly consuming content only to wind up carrying out the same old patterns in your life. You've got ideas and inspiration... without any tangible steps or metrics to shape the person you want to be.

Above all else, you have BIG dreams and BIG goals… but somehow you always wind up feeling stuck, kicking yourself for not making real progress, and re-writing the same goals you wrote for last year.

Again... and again... and again.
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Have we met?

Hi — Amanda Hilton here.

I'm a personal growth and psychology specialist and founder of The Simply Well.

I suppose you could call me multi-passionate because I’ve always been the person with dozens (yes, actually dozens) of side projects and ideas, and I love learning above all else.

A few years ago, though, I was juggling being an elementary school teacher while also partaking in a 230-Hour Yoga Teacher Training… and completing my master’s degree in Clinical Psychology.

Figuring out how to balance these responsibilities, while also taking care of my health, well-being, and relationships— not to mention, finding pockets of time to work on my passion projects, like running an Etsy store, starting my educational Instagram account, and rekindling my childhood love for playing piano— was a challenge, to say the least.

There were many days where I’d come home too exhausted to give energy to the things that lit me up. And I would go weeks at a time without so much as thinking about (never mind making progress towards) the personal goals I cared so much about… leaving me feeling disappointed in myself and even more de-motivated than before.

I wanted an established system for designing, organizing, and managing my goals so that I could finally stop feeling stuck and unenergized by my lack of progress, and start reaching real milestones towards the goals that mattered.

I set out to develop a comprehensive goal setting system that I knew I could rely on, scouring hundreds of academic papers on goal achievement, motivation and personal success, talking to dozens of others with similar passions for personal growth, learning and personal projects, and eventually launching a program on behavior and habit change as part of my master's thesis at the Spirituality Mind-Body Institute at Columbia University to test out some of my new hypotheses. 

Since then, I've used everything I learned about successful goal achievement to transform my career path and turn my passions into my full-time income, while also learning new skills, developing a more sustainable lifestyle, becoming increasingly connected within my community, and accumulating 250+ hours of language learning in the last year. 

And now, I'm revealing everything I've learned about the nitty-gritty of setting successful goals and making them happen.

And while you won't find any "one-size-fits-all" prescription for "success" (pssst. no such thing exists!), COHR Goals will teach you the essential ingredients you'll need to skyrocket the success of your personal goals + projects.

By the end of COHR Goals, you'll be able to...

  • Clearly identify what you desire and define success on your own terms
  • Design value-based goals that exist in harmony with your schedule and other responsibilities
  • Supercharge your goals with meaningful root desires (you know, the *big* things you want that spark all your short-term ambitions)
  • Craft action-driven objectives to be the stepping stones for your achievement
  • Formulate + implement reliable systems for self-accountability, reflection, and redirection of your strategy as necessary
  • Anticipate and protect against inevitable obstacles in the goal setting journey
  • Maintain determined motivation and discipline throughout the process... That means no more getting overwhelmed and giving up before you even begin!
Are you ready to *finally* take the reins on the direction of your growth?
I'm ready!
But wait... what does "COHR" stand for?

The COHR Goals Model is The Simply Well’s proprietary goal setting framework designed to take the frustration out of achieving your biggest personal goals. After investigating hundreds of empirical peer-reviewed studies on goal setting, behavior change, and personal fulfillment, we discovered that all successful goals have these 4 essential elements.


The Fundamentals

Before embarking on the life-changing journey of becoming a COHR goal setter, you need to understand the advantages of goal setting and lay the basic groundwork for what's to come.

In Module 1, we’ll cover… 

  • The purpose of goal setting and how effective goal setting changes life as you know it

  • The scientific research behind how goal setting impacts your psychological functioning and structure of the brain

  • An overview of the essential elements of successful goals and what differentiates a flourishing goal setter from someone whose goals never seem to pick up steam

  • Your initial list of wishes and desires you’re bringing with you into the course


Uncovering Your Authentic Goals

Anyone can set goals. But the difference between a happy goal-getter and an unhappy goal-getter is that the happy achiever sets goals that are RIGHT for them. That's why we'll make sure you're set up for success by uncovering the goals, desires, and themes that are actually most important to you.  

Module 2 is all about… 

  • Noting the far-off goals that keep you up at at night— and unearthing the desires you’re not yet aware of— so that you can lay it all out on the table before officially choosing your first COHR goals

  • The common themes and connections underlying your most authentic desires  
  • An assessment of your life right now— what’s great, what’s not great, and what you want to change
  • The most practical framework for choosing which goals to focus on first… even if you’re a multi-passionate with literally hundreds of potential future goal ideas (I've been there!)


Setting Goals That Work

Have you ever heard the popular idiom "well begun is half done?" You've selected your goals and now it's time to set them up properly to maximize your clarity and success while minimizing any confusion or holdups later on.

In Module 3, you'll work on… 

  • Crafting effective Goal Statements to act as a north star for your achievement 
  • Discerning what to include and what to avoid when setting up your goals
  • Empowering your goals with a Core Yearning (the C in COHR!) to prime your subconscious mind + amplify your intrinsic motivation
  • Supercharging your goals using empirically-supported practices, thought-exercises, and meditations so that you maintain your enthusiasm throughout the entire "implementation" journey to come

Designing Systems for Success

You've planned, you've aligned, you've written your goals... Now it's time to get the show on the road by designing actual systems for follow-through: breaking down your action plans, ensuring that your strategies fit into your schedule, and understanding how you'll stay accountable. 

Module 4 is all about… 

  • “Intervalizing” your goals so that you can work backwards to ensure you appropriately pace your achievement strategies
  • Crafting actionable objectives that act as your step-by-step roadmap for goal completion
  • Understanding the different forms of internal and external accountability that you can implement (and how to know which ones are right for you)
  • Protecting yourself against inevitable obstacles in the goal setting journey
  • Planning your week of goal progress that’s harmonized with your lifestyle, schedule, and other responsibilities

Staying the Course

You’re almost there! It’s time to ensure that you’re able to sustain your goal setting strategies long-term so that aligned achievement of your COHR goals becomes your new normal.

In Module 5, you’ll learn how to...

  • Conduct a weekly Reflect + Redirect process to check in with how things are going and adjust as necessary moving forward
  • Avoid the most insidious goal setting pitfalls
  • Celebrate your small wins along the way to sustain long-term motivation and avoid falling into the trap of the hedonic treadmill 
  • Seamlessly add new COHR goals to your stack (and how to know when it's time to "check off" a completed goal)
I want in!
And as if that weren't enough, when you enroll in COHR Goals today, you'll also receive these sweet BONUSES:

The Art of Non-Toxic Productivity Masterclass

You'll receive FREE access to my Masterclass recording all about maximizing healthy productivity without falling prey to toxic hustle messaging or burnout. Learning how to be more effective and efficient in your productivity will help you avoid idle busy work in your goal setting process— ultimately accelerating your goal achievement. 

($250 value)

Goal Organizer Notion Dashboard 

You'll receive a detailed Notion Dashboard that you can utilize for your own goal organization purposes, along with a step-by-step tutorial explaining how to make it the template personalized to you. And if you'd rather track your goals by hand— no problem! The way the Dashboard is systemized will offer you lots of insight into how you might design a handwritten goal organization system for yourself.

($75 value)


Goal Alignment Guided Meditations [x2]

You'll gain access to two powerful guided meditations to tap into your subconscious mind and align with your goals. The first guided meditation helps amplify your connection to your Core Yearnings to ensure your goals are anchored in your deepest values and authentic desires, while the second guided meditation introduces you to your future self, helping you build a meaningful relationship with the person you're becoming.

($50 value)

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Includes lifetime access to all modules and lessons, course workbook, and all bonuses.

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[TOTAL VALUE = $1,979.00]

Includes lifetime access to all modules and lessons, course workbook, and all bonuses.

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COHR Goals is a perfect fit for you if:

  • You’ve set goals in the past, but struggle to stay consistent. You’re tired of feeling disappointed in yourself for failed resolutions and discarded plans. You’re ready to start making real progress towards your goals (without the stop-go-stop-go roller coaster).

  •  You’re overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. You need a clear framework for reaching goals that has enough flexibility to accommodate your unique desires + schedule, but with enough structure that you’re never left wondering what to do next.

  • You want to accelerate your goal achievement process. You’ve had some success with goal achievement in the past, but crave a more streamlined process that helps you uncover your authentic desires and design reliable systems for accountability, reflection, and redirection of your strategy as necessary.

This sounds like me!

COHR Goals is NOT a perfect fit if you:

  • You want to blindly follow someone else’s “15 tips for guaranteed success” instead of learning how to develop a goal achievement process that works for you.
  • You’re interested in shortcuts & “quick-fix” methods for achievement and don’t want to put in the work to build sustainable long-term solutions.
  • You already have a goal setting system that is working perfectly for you and you don’t want to change a thing.
In that case, count me in!

Still on the fence?

Honestly, I get it. 

Chances are, you’ve invested time or money into goal-setting advice before, only to be let down by the same old suggestions and strategies that just haven’t worked for you. And there’s probably part of you wondering:

“How do I know if COHR Goals will work for me?”

Here’s the thing. If by “work,” you mean reaching all your BIGGEST life-long goals overnight… then, no. It definitely won’t. 

But if it means that you’ll have clearly identified what you desire, defined success on your own terms, designed goals that are in alignment with your life, crafted actionable objectives to move you forward, boosted your motivation, and implemented reliable systems for achievement so that you’re making REAL tangible progress towards the life you desire… Then that's a different story.

And since I want to you feel completely confident in your investment, let me tell you about...

I'm behind you 100%. The intention behind COHR Goals is to support YOU, so if within 30 days you aren't satisfied, I'll refund your purchase. Just shoot me an email at [email protected] and I will take care of it for you.

I'm in!
Got Q's? I've got A's.
Here are some Frequently Asked Questions:

Pay in Full


[TOTAL VALUE = $1,979.00]

Includes lifetime access to all modules and lessons, course workbook, and all bonuses.

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4 Monthly Payments


[TOTAL VALUE = $1,979.00]

Includes lifetime access to all modules and lessons, course workbook, and all bonuses.

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PS. Did you know that a percentage of ALL course profits are donated to a local animal shelter? 

Here at The Simply Well, we're passionate about building an ecosystem of well-being on an individual, community, and planet-wide level. As part of our Community Care initiative, 5% of all profits from COHR Goals are currently being donated to Loving Paws Animal Hospital, an animal hospital and shelter rescuing abandoned animals in Brooklyn, NY, and the shelter from which we've adopted all three of our pets!

That means that when you purchase COHR Goals, you’re doing good for yourself and the world.

COHR Goals is also available for purchase for corporate groups. If you're interested in learning more about how to enroll a large group, reach out to [email protected] for more information and large-group discount rates.