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Add on The 3 Fundamental Truths of Happiness Mini-Training for a one-time fee of $8.97

(That's a 47% OFF discount!)

Inside this 20-minute pre-recorded mini-training, you'll discover why we often misjudge what truly brings us joy, and learn practical strategies to align your desires with genuine fulfillment.

What we cover:

  • The three biggest and (most misunderstood) truths about happiness
  • Where these patterns come from + why they matter
  • What it means for you if you want to nurture long-lasting happiness in your own life

If you want to gain a fresh perspective on happiness and discover what it truly means to cultivate sustainable joy, this one's for you!

Jumpstart Joy: 7 Day Challenge

*IMPORTANT: You must check the box "I agree to receive emails from The Simply Well" at checkout in order to receive your Jumpstart Joy challenge emails.


When it comes to happiness, humans are subject to a curious paradox: while we often think we know what floats our happiness boat, research in psychology reveals that we are often terrible judges of what will truly bring us greater happiness.

The good news? Once you learn the secret to deciphering your own happiness cues, you have the power to shape your own happiness in a major way.

In this 7 day challenge, you’ll embark on a transformative journey to begin rewiring your brain for more of that good stuff — joy!

And the best part is that the more you flex your happiness muscles through practical exercises like these, the stronger they become. Seriously, it's like hitting the mental gym - as you deliberately infuse your thoughts and actions with greater positivity, appreciation, and joy, your brain's pathways actually get stronger and faster through a neurological process called myelination. Over time, your brain becomes more attuned to noticing the good: spotting the silver linings, savoring the simple moments, and tackling life's hiccups with an extra dose of bounce-back spirit.

Ready for your own personal happiness boot camp?

What you'll get inside Jumpstart Joy:

  • 7 Joyful Exercises: Explore a collection of detailed exercises designed to jumpstart joy in your own life. These exercises will provide step-by-step guidance and actionable strategies to help you cultivate a joyful mindset and embrace moments of happiness
  • Joyful Journaling Prompts: Receive a set of thought-provoking journaling prompts focused on joy. These prompts will spark self-reflection, encourage gratitude, and help you capture and celebrate joyful moments in your life.
  • Daily Joyful Emails: Receive a series of 7 uplifting emails filled with inspiration, prompts, and reflections to infuse your day with joy + positivity
  • Joy-Boosting Workbook: Gain access to a detailed 37-page workbook that will summarize the challenge activities and provide room for journaling and reflection.This resource is something that you'll be able to return back to again + again when you need a joyful boost!


*IMPORTANT: You must check the box "I agree to receive emails from The Simply Well" at checkout in order to receive your Jumpstart Joy challenge emails.


What People Are Saying:

I thought the challenge was so awesome and it really provided me with some great new ideas and tools to add more joy into my life. As someone who lives with chronic pain and several diseases, I do tend to struggle with joy. I needed some fresh ideas to incorporate joy into my day to day life. I think I had [“aha”] moments every day during the challenge! I would quickly read through the challenge and then read through it again at a slower pace to truly digest what it read… I would definitely recommend it to others.

Debbie B., Jumpstart Joy participant

[Before Jumpstart Joy,] I needed some motivation. I was feeling stuck and uninspired. [After completing the challenge,] I felt when I was kinder to other or even to myself, I would feel more happy or calm. My favorite themes were acts of kindness and optimism. Key takeaways: optimism is not the same as toxic positivity! I would recommend the Jumpstart Joy Challenge to others!

Ana F., Jumpstart Joy participant